Design and Development

Website services

All business are different and have different needs for their website. We offer a range of additional website services securing that your website supports your business and marketing goals.

Online store / e-commerce

Enable your customers to buy your services and products online 24/7

Online booking

Enable your costumers to book their services at the time when it fits them best

Multilingual presence

Expand the reach of your business by a website in multiple languages

Restricted Access

Provide your customers/members with individual accounts to reach special information on your websites

Our additional web design services - Google Presence Map Icon

Content creation

If you need support to word your marketing messages in a compelling way, we have different solutions depending on the level of support that you think you are going to need

Our additional web design services - Google Presence Map Icon

Logo design

Present your business with what represents you. We create a logo for you that represents your business and brand. 

Website help

We help you setting up your WordPress installation, adding a theme, or solving web design problems until your website is launched

GDPR compliancy

We help you to understand which data you collect from your visitors and how to inform them about it. Read more

Hacked website

We bring your site back online by running security scans, cleaning affected files and/or reinstalling your site from a backup


We analyze the performance and responsiveness of your website and take care of the implementation of the improvements for you.

Our WordPress CarePlans Keep Your Website In Shape

Your website is important to your business. You want peace of mind that it will be up and running 24/7 without interruption. Software needs to be updated and maintained. All software. Including the software that runs your website.

More and more sites are being hacked and attacked, including the major players like Twitter and Facebook as well as millions of small businesses every day. An updated software gives you the security you want.

These prices are valid for websites build by us. We also offer our WordPress CarePlans for websites not created by us with an additional set-up fee: 1000 SEK/one time

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