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Hi, we are Elena Hervás and Andreas Seifert and we are behind Beveled Edge AB | Web Agency Sigtuna. We help small and medium sized companies get more clients and more sales through high-quality digital marketing services.

If you’ve never hired a digital marketing professional before, you probably have some questions about the value we can bring to your business. And if you have hired digital marketers in the past, you may wonder what makes us different from others you have worked with.

Below you will find answers to these and other questions about us and what we do.

Elena Hervas | Andreas Seifert | Beveled Edge Web agency Sigtuna

Our background

We have had the privilege of working for many years in the IT and telecom industry. Together we have more than 35 years experience within marketing and development in this industry.

Our engineering background, combined to the experience acquired along the way in the diverse roles we have taken – from Research & Development to Sales & Marketing -, has given us a good base to start our own business in the digital marketing space.

We have done and driven all kind of tasks and projects during our careers. Selling products and services, designing and performing trainings, leading programs and teams or organizing marketing events are just a few examples. And we have always been lucky to work with extraordinary people – colleagues, suppliers and customers – that have made the work fun and the results greater.

The last three/four years working ‘hands-on’ respectively with Competitive Intelligence and Customer Experience have given us the opportunity to understand and learn about the challenges of attracting and retaining clients, and about the increasing importance of digital marketing to succeed on it.

There is no business without customers, and customers rely more and more on Internet and Social Media to find and chose their buying options.

Awareness of this finding/fact and its immense possibilities is probably the main reason behind our decision to found our own company and continue our careers and professional development within digital marketing at Beveled Edge AB. Digital marketing is an industry in constant development and therefore we are committed to continue to grow our knowledge as new techniques and trends come along.

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The value we can bring to your business

If you own a small or medium size business, you may wonder if you can afford to hire a digital marketing professional while you can try to do things yourself. We would recommend in that case that you do the “what your time is worth” math.

The real question should be “Can you afford not to hire a digital marketing professional?”

The “what your time is worth” math

Let’s say for example that you would like to create your company website and that your time is worth 1,000 kr/hour. Let’s also assume that you would need a minimum of 3 working days (24 hours) to do a basic design of your website. That’s the equivalent to 24,000 kr. Meanwhile a web designer may be able to do the same and more for you for half the price, saving you both money and time to chase down some more business.

We market your business from a different angle

What makes us different

We look forward to helping out each and every customer we work with and we believe together we can exceed the expectations you had in the beginning of the project.

Here is also one strength of our offering that you may find as well beneficial to your business: We always work with three fundamental principles in mind that we consider a must-have, no matter the industry you are in or the size of your business:


Professional look adapted to your brand to help your customers identify you

Privacy by Design

Solutions respecting the privacy of your users to its possible maximum. Minimizing the collection of personal data is our guiding principle throughout our projects


We adapt our offer and services to cover just those areas where you require our expertise

There are many digital marketing professionals out there, but probably not many with the same business ‘sense’ that we have steadily developed in all the years of working and learning from diverse roles, experiences and people. We have been there. Getting the job done while thinking strategically. Recognizing the greatest option for a solution but choosing the most optimized one. Making mistakes and learning from them. Whatever it is that you want to prioritize in your project – quality, budget or delivery time -, as far as you don’t pretend to prioritize the three of them at the same time, right?, we will work to offer you the best possible solution.

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